The Best Way to Get Water Smell Out of a Car?

Answer Vehicle owners who drive and drink water at the same time, may get water on the seats of their car. This can cause a bad smell that others can notice easily. If you do not deal with the smell of we... Read More »

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Why does water that comes from my kitchen sink smell so bad not sulpher Also after dishwasher runs dishes smell awful?

Double kitchen sink has a foul organic smell like wet roots doesn't run slow no disposal do have a dishwasher no smell there have flushed it with hot water oxyclean and drain cleaner?

Do this. Pour baking soda into both sinks until baking soda can be seen in the drain. Pour white vinegar into the baking soda. It will foam massively, so step back. Keep pouring vinegar into the ba... Read More »

Which water will help a plant grow best tap water sparkling water or purified water?

tap water will make your plants grow faster because it contains ions such as magnesium iron gases calcium carbonate and minerals.There is some purified water that will also make your plant grow onl... Read More »

How do you get stagnit water smell out of a dishwasher?

I have used regular powdered Tang (the NASA orange drink) to both clean and freshen dishwashers. I am a REALTOR and have helped many "sellers" make their dishwasher like new. The white plastic tubs... Read More »