The Best Way to Clean a Car Prior to Waxing?

Answer Detail cleaning a car is the best way to clean the car prior to waxing. A deep, detailed cleaning removes dirt and dust that can scratch the paint on the car when waxing.

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How to Clean Car Windows After Waxing?

A clean, freshly-waxed car is a shiny thing of beauty, but wax on the windows is something else entirely. Aside from looking bad, smears of wax can interfere with clear vision. But not to worry: Wi... Read More »

How do I clean stainless steel prior to passivation?

Degreasing Stainless SteelPurchase a degreasing solution from any auto supply store. Use a clean cloth to thoroughly wipe away any particles of dust and dirt. Coat the steel in the degreaser, and l... Read More »

Best at-home Brazilian waxing kit?

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What is the best at-home waxing kit?

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