The Best Types of Oil for the Body & Legs?

Answer Oil can be used to moisturize body and legs or aid in massage. Oil offers deep nourishment for those whose skin is exceptionally dry and flaky but who hate the sticky feeling of a rich body cream. ... Read More »

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What bug has red body black legs and a white dot?

How to Apply Body Wraps on Legs?

Body wrapping is a quick and natural way to melt off a few inches, tone a specific area or detoxify your entire body. You can learn the professional way to apply body wraps to your legs regularly a... Read More »

Types of Boots to Buy to Make Legs Look Longer?

Most women love to wear boots. They are comfortable, wearable in all kinds of weather and can be matched with lots of different clothes. Wearing the right kind of boot with the right kind of clothe... Read More »

Body shaving: How to stop razor bumps on the legs?

Well, obviously shaving cream. But, if you're using shaving cream & still getting razor bumps then use either olive oil or hair conditioner. Because it kind of coats it & makes your skin really sof... Read More »