The Best Tri Shorts?

Answer Designed to keep you comfortable and performing throughout the three-headed beast that is a triathlon of running, cycling and swimming, triathlon shorts are similar to bike shorts, but designed to ... Read More »

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What's the best way to tell my dad that his jean shorts are too short?

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What if your boyfriend and you were dry-humping with his boxers on and your shorts and underwear on and a clear liquid is on the girls shorts is there a chance of pregnancy?

No there is not, Semen can not pass through clothing, though the liquid that holds them can. As long as there is one article of clothing in between the semen and the vagina there will be no pregnancy.

How to Buy Compression Shorts?

People wear compression shorts to separate the groin and hamstring muscles during a workout. These shorts keep the muscles warm to prevent you from pulling and staining your groin and hamstring mus... Read More »

How to Trim Shorts?

Sewing a trim to shorts adds a decorative or sporty look to coordinate with a T-shirt. The trim can hide a ragged hem edge or lengthen a pair of shorts. Decorative trim can come as packaged bias ta... Read More »