The Best Treatment for Dry, Overprocessed, Bleached Hair?

Answer Dry, over processed, hair is fragile and needs special care. If your hair is bleached, permed, relaxed or dyed, chances are it is also dry with split ends and fly-aways. Handle your hair with care ... Read More »

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Cholesterol Treatment for Bleached Hair?

Bleaching is one of the most damaging processes you can inflict on your hair. It can lead to orange- or yellow-toned hair, uncontrollable frizz, breakage and even hair loss. If you must bleach your... Read More »

How to Keep Hair From Getting Overprocessed?

Many people color, perm, bleach or straighten their hair to improve their appearance. However, these processes open the hair cuticles, making the hair vulnerable and prone to damage. Your hair can ... Read More »

How to Fix Overprocessed Permed Hair?

Although there are many things that can contribute to over-processed hair, like the misuse or frequent use of dyes, chemicals or heat styling, the majority of over-processed hair problems are due t... Read More »

Homeopathic Overprocessed Hair Remedies?

It is easy to damage your hair with all the things that you do to look good. Overprocessed may become extremely damaged, brittle and hard to remedy. Dry, split ends, course texture and frizzy, fly ... Read More »