The Best Sun-Blocking Drapes for the Bedroom?

Answer The bedroom is a room for escape for sleep and rest. If undisturbed sleep is vital, curtains and drapes that blockout sun are a must for bedroom decorating. The fabric and color of the chosen drape... Read More »

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Is it ok to have only 1 return air vent located in a downstairs bedroom of a 2 story condominium prob not so would it be ok to relocate it outside the bedroom in the entry hall AC thermostat is up?

Your question is two-fold: one to be answered by your board and another to be answered by an expert in HVAC matters. As to your condominium: before you install any air vent, it will be a good idea ... Read More »

I am going to move from a 3 bedroom house to a one bedroom unit, any advise?

Find a good lawyer and divorce the extra 2 wives of yours.It is about time!! :))

How far should drapes be from the floor?

The length of drapes is a personal choice. A longer the drapes are, the more elegant they look. Shorter draperies have a more casual look. Experiment with each length to see what works for you.Refe... Read More »

Different Drapes of Saris?

A sari is a woman's garment worn in south Asia. It is an ancient traditional form of dress, dating back more than 5000 years. A sari is constructed of a long rectangular swath of beautiful fabric s... Read More »