The Best Study Block Tips for Long-Term Memorization?

Answer There are numerous techniques for improving memory. The best, however, focus on training the brain to immediately store information in one's long-term memory. By using techniques that use common ... Read More »

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Easy Tips to Memorization?

The ability to memorize information is a useful skill that often comes in handy. Whether a student needs to memorize class work, a salesman wants to memorize the names of potential clients at a mix... Read More »

Studying Tips & Memorization?

Studying and memorizing facts comes easily for some, but for others, it can be a real challenge to know what to study and how to retain information. When you need to do well on an assessment, stayi... Read More »

Safety Tips in Long-Term-Care Nursing Home in Medication Admin?

Many nursing home residents have to take regularly prescribed medication. Some patients will manage their own medication, but many will receive their prescribed medication from the nursing home sta... Read More »

Is alcoholism a mental illness that would be entitled to long term disability if the person needs long term rehab treatment?

The answer in most cases will be "NO". Most long-term cae policies will not cover treatment for alcoholism. Here is the discalimer in one policy, "No payment will be made for the treatment of alcoh... Read More »