The Best Sound Proofing Materials?

Answer While the science of sound is complex and somewhat unapproachable, soundproofing doesn't have to be. Some materials absorb sound better than others and when used appropriately can have profound eff... Read More »

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Sound proofing. If you were constructing a sound proof room for, say, well never mind.?

What is the best way to sonorize a basement ceiling to obtain optimal sound proofing?

Answer insulate between floors then call your local bldg supply store and tell them you need the proper metal sound isolating channels to fasten to your floor joists .then buy and screw sound boa... Read More »

Which Materials Carry Sound Waves Best?

It's clear that sound doesn't travel as fast as light if you've ever seen a plane fly overhead or gone to a baseball game and heard the engines or crack of a bat a second or two after you actually ... Read More »

What is rust proofing?

Passenger vehicles are subject to wear and tear over their lifespans including attacks from a largely unseen enemy, rust. Left untreated rust can quickly destroy a car, but thanks to rust proofing ... Read More »