The Best Snow Sculptures?

Answer Unlike timeless sculptures like Lady Justice and the Venus de Milo, the vast majority of snow sculptures must be re-envisioned and recreated each winter. While this makes it difficult to come up wi... Read More »

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How to Create Colorful Snow Sculptures?

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What are the best snow ice tires for Alaska?

Whats the best advice when driving in snow?

Use the highest gear possible without stalling. The science behind this is that starting out in a lower gear, the wheels spin very fast, so you won't get as much traction.With a higher gear, the wh... Read More »

Cars That Drive Best in Snow Conditions?

The best cars for snow share the traits of adequate ground clearance, solid tires and extra horsepower. Ground clearance allows a vehicle to navigate soft snow banks. Solid tires give the driver co... Read More »