The Best Snake-Proof Boots?

Answer Snake-proof boots may either be sold specifically as "snake boots" or not, but should be tall, impenetrable to snake teeth, waterproof, and relatively comfortable. Before planning any outdoor excur... Read More »

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Are Ad Tec boots fire proof boots?

Some Ad Tec boots, such as their Fireman Boots, are heat resistant to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and have fire-resistant laces. Not all Ad Tec boots are designed for such harsh conditions, however, so ... Read More »

How high should snake boots be?

When hiking in areas that are inhabited by vipers, people should wear boots that are specifically designed to protect their legs from snakebite, not hiking boots or sneakers. Moreover, since the lo... Read More »

How do I get cigarette smoke smell out of snake skin cowboy boots I bought at a garage sale?

The dryer sheets that someone suggested may work. You could call a shoe repair shop. They may be able to help. I'm thinking if you put some charcoal briquettes in the boots and also put a few in a ... Read More »

What snake is the mimic of the king cobra snake?

Snakes of the species Malpolon moilensis are more commonly known as false cobras. Although they are unrelated to cobras, the false cobra will produce a hissing noise and spread its neck in a cobra-... Read More »