The Best Shampoo & Conditioners for Hair Growth & Repair?

Answer Many shampoos and conditioners target specific hair needs. Whether you are looking for products that provide moisture to dry hair or volume to limp or thinning hair, you are likely to find a large ... Read More »

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Shampoo & Conditioners to Promote Long Hair Growth?

There are several prominent shampoo and condition systems that promote long, healthy hair growth, such as Nexxus. These systems almost always begin by promoting a healthy environment for the scalp.... Read More »

Shampoo & Conditioners for Dry Hair?

Hair comes in all different kinds of textures and styles. Different hair types also have different problems. One problem that men and women can face is dry hair. Dry hair will usually look frizzy w... Read More »

What effects do soap, shampoo, and conditioners have on hair?

Shampooing removes sweat and dirt from the scalp. It also removes the sebum, the oily secretion of skin that protects the hair, along with the dirt that sticks to it. Clean hair feels good, althoug... Read More »

Conditioners That Promote Hair Growth?

In order to grow hair long, it needs to be strong and healthy. A proper regime of conditioning is the most basic way to grow hair out. Damage begins at the bottom and unwinds all the way up the ha... Read More »