The Best Settings for Taking Pictures of Old Slides?

Answer Use your digital camera to take pictures of old slides by attaching your camera to a tripod and use a recipe card holder with a clip to hold the slide. Create an illuminated background by placing a... Read More »

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What are the settings used for night photography when using the nikon D5000 when taking pictures of the moon?

Is it possible to print PowerPoint slides with note taking lines on the left side?

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Converting slides or negatives to digital pictures?

Hi StarmanBuy a HP G4010. It will scan your slides and covert them automatically to digital pics. The scanner is dirt cheap but works flawlessly.

Why is it important to always check your camera's settings before taking any photos?

because in a digital camera there are many features you can use example portrait,moving,dancing, etc so you need to make the settings fit with what you are taking pictures and when and how.