The Best Scavengers to Place in Aquariums?

Answer Scavengers play a critical role in the health of fish in an aquarium. Scavengers will scrape algae off an aquarium's tiny gravel, plastic tank decorations, live plants and glass. When scavengers su... Read More »

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Is Hong kong best place to work and how are the people,place, food and culture?

HK might be an ok place to work if you are top management or in a high paying sector like a finance/trader/doctor/lawyer type job. Don't listen to Freely since anything about Mainland is bad and e... Read More »

Where is the best place to place your speakers in a room?

depends how many speakers you have.... the size of your room and what u want to play through it....if u got 2 put them in front of where you sit about 50 Cm from the wall to prevent boomif u have a... Read More »

How to Treat Pop-Eye in Aquariums?

The popular Black Moor Goldfish has been selectively bred to have large, bulging and telescoping eyes, but this look is not normal for other fish. If you look in your tank and see that your fish ha... Read More »

How to Build Exotic Aquariums?

The word 'exotic' brings to mind visions of tropical climates and rich, beautiful culture. This idea can be applied to turn a traditional aquarium into something exotic. Purchasing a number of item... Read More »