The Best Roof Garden Plants?

Answer Roof gardens are both functional and enjoyable to grow, as long as you're willing to brave rooftop heights. Sometimes referred to as "green roofs," rooftop gardens serve growers who need space with... Read More »

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How to Use a Concrete Garden Bench in a Garden to Set Plants On?

Using a concrete garden bench to hold plants is a great way to make a functional portion of a garden beautiful and decorative. Concrete garden benches are great for holding planters as part of a co... Read More »

How to Garden on a Roof Deck?

If you live in an apartment complex and do not have a balcony, then about the only place you can grow a garden is up on the roof deck. Except for hauling planters up to the top level, the area is n... Read More »

Can a rubber roof be put on a garden shed to keep squirrels out?

They can always find a way in, an exterminator will help your problem or you can buy a certain kind of trap that will capture it but not kill it if you want to spare its life.

Roof top garden is the solution against global warming -do you agree?

it is brilliant idea dada!we can supplement to cause of commitment given by our govt at Copenhagen , to contain carbons by 25% in a smaller/minute way , but never mind i believe in the old saying ... Read More »