The Best Proven Ways to Prevent Turkey Neck in Women?

Answer Turkey neck is an unattractive name for an even more unattractive condition of the neck skin found in some older women. As the skin ages, it loses the ability to maintain moisture. Skin can become ... Read More »

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How to Tighten Loose Skin on Neck (Avoid "Turkey Neck")?

Leave the "gobbler" to the turkey. Loose skin on neck can cause a great deal of insecurity and concern among men and women as we age.The normal aging process causes the neck area to sag and wrinkle... Read More »

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What are some proven ways to help improve your odds of having a girl after 2 boys?

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How to Cure Turkey Neck?

The least invasive and less expensive "cures" for turkey neck are scarves and turtleneck sweaters. This delicate part of the anatomy can begin drooping and sagging for several reasons: weight gain ... Read More »