The Best Practices of Primary Mathematics Teaching?

Answer For primary school students, math can be one of the most challenging subjects because it often involves intangible concepts to which students have never been exposed. Therefore, it can be difficul... Read More »

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Validated Practices for Teaching Mathematics to Students with Learning Disabilities?

Students with learning disabilities may have particular difficulties learning and applying mathematical principles. Starting as early as kindergarten, students are taught basic math data concepts. ... Read More »

How to Use a Guided Discovery Approach in Teaching Primary Mathematics?

The guided discovery approach is one that is fundamentally linked with the constructivist school of education theory. If you do not want to introduce a brand new methodology to your classroom, you ... Read More »

The Best Practices for Teaching Multiple Learners?

When planning a lesson, a teacher needs to take into account the different types of learners in her class. Students have different ways of learning; they may be kinesthetic, auditory or visual lear... Read More »

The Best Practices for Teaching Math to ELL Students?

Teaching math to English Language Learners (or ELL students) may seem like the simplest job in the world. Everyone knows math, we think, and so the language shouldn't change the concepts much. This... Read More »