The Best Practices for Differentiated Instruction?

Answer One of a classroom teacher's greatest challenges is meeting the needs of students who vary in readiness levels, learning styles and interests. These teachers must become experts at differentiation.... Read More »

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How to Use Differentiated Instruction?

Every classroom has a variety of students. Students may differ in academic ability, interests or learning style. The concept of differentiated instruction allows teachers to reach a wider variety o... Read More »

Differentiated Instruction Tips?

Differentiated instruction is a method of teaching that takes into account differences in the way students learn and students' varying abilities in a classroom. It allows teachers to tailor lessons... Read More »

Why Is Differentiated Instruction Important?

Differentiated instruction or curriculum is when teachers maximize the learning potential of a classroom by modifying curriculum, teaching methods, learning resources and activities to address the ... Read More »

Types of Differentiated Instruction?

A typical classroom is filled with children with diverse learning needs. To meet these needs, educators often differentiate their instructional strategies. A variety of differentiation techniques c... Read More »