The Best Places to Live for Warm Weather?

Answer Americans who do not want to endure the cold winters of the midwest and northern states can head south for year-round warm climates. The southern half of the U.S. provides much more comfortable tem... Read More »

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10 points for best answer.My modem stops working in warm weather?

Your modem has a thermal short in it. When the temperature rises, the solder expands, causing a short on one of the boards.This would happen to me all the time on hot, muggy days in Wisconsin, aft... Read More »

Do plants need to be by cold places or warm places?

Plants grow a lot better in warm places because this is one of the things that they need to grow. Photosynthesis takes a better effect in warm places so this helps the plants grow.

What is the best way to exhaust hot air in a cathedral ceiling that does not have adequate insulation in a warm weather climate?

The Best Cities & Places to Live?

Deciding on a place to live often depends on family relationships and proximity to work. If you are in the position to choose a new city, however, consider a few factors. Most people will want a pl... Read More »