The Best Place to Spray Cologne?

Answer Humans have been creating and wearing fragrances to enhance their attractiveness for centuries. Modern people like to complement their allure by cologne choices that they feel create an expression... Read More »

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How to Use Cologne Spray?

Using cologne is a great way to top off a shower and to smell great. Unfortunately, we all know people who use so much cologne that you continue to smell it long after they've left the room. The sm... Read More »

What Is Eau de Cologne Spray?

Eau de Cologne, also called cologne, is a light, refreshing form of fragrance defined by its low concentration of essential oils. Unlike perfume, which uses 25% essential oils or more by volume, Ea... Read More »

How to Wear Cologne Spray for Men?

As a man, you are often in search of the perfect cologne spray to make an entrance and announce that you have fashionably arrived. Your signature scent may be the result of a gift, recommendation o... Read More »

How to Use Body Spray & Cologne?

When using body spray or cologne, you are trying to create allure and leave people around you enjoying your scent. Too much fragrance triggers breathing problems or allergies in some, turning them ... Read More »