The Best Place to Buy Eye Glasses?

Answer No one place is considered best for buying eyeglasses. Too much depends on the quality of the glass, the lab filling the prescription and the eye care specialist. Optometrists and ophthalmologists ... Read More »

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Is Hong kong best place to work and how are the people,place, food and culture?

HK might be an ok place to work if you are top management or in a high paying sector like a finance/trader/doctor/lawyer type job. Don't listen to Freely since anything about Mainland is bad and e... Read More »

Where is the best place to place your speakers in a room?

depends how many speakers you have.... the size of your room and what u want to play through it....if u got 2 put them in front of where you sit about 50 Cm from the wall to prevent boomif u have a... Read More »

How long does it take to ship the glasses after I place an order on

Are you running your store all by yourself? So great!I found the information for you on the website. "In the event of third party shipping, both the recipient and the “bill to” party are jointl... Read More »

The Best Riedel Glasses?

For wine to be fully enjoyed, it should be served in the appropriate glass. Reds are served in one shape while whites are best served in a different shape. More than 50 years ago, Austrian Claus Ri... Read More »