The Best Pink & Black Zebra Patterns and Designs for Nail Art?

Answer Nail art has evolved from trends of just neutral-colored polishes to popular bright, neon colors with embellishments and nail art patterns of all kinds. Nail art has developed so much that ordinary... Read More »

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How to Do Pink Zebra Nail Art?

Like the hairstyle and clothing choices that you make, the way that you maintain and style your nails leaves an impression. Nail designs must speak to who you are. If you want to be lively, bold an... Read More »

Nail Designs: Hot Pink Tips?

Decorating fingernails is one way to add interest to your look. Bold fingernails express your creativity and style. One idea is to add hot pink nail tips to your nails. This is a form of french man... Read More »

Cute & Easy-to-Do Nail Designs Using Only Pink, White & Orange?

Taking care of your nails is essential, because your hands are one of the first things people see. Instead of paying to get a professional manicure, you can paint your nails right at home. For a fu... Read More »

How do you get black nail polish out of a pink fabric chair please dont say nail polish remover!! help!!!!!!?

Vinegar. Don't pour it on the stain though. Apply some to a cotton ball and blot the stain.