The Best Paints for Plywood Bulkheads?

Answer The wide variety of paint types, finishes and colors can be quite a maze to navigate for the first time. Bulkheads are the soffit section that is built out above your cabinets. They are often cover... Read More »

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Are oil paints better than acrylic paints?

On One Hand: Characteristics of Oil PaintOil-based paints have a wider range of textures and colors than acrylic paints. Home Depot says oil paints also stick to surfaces better, penetrate deeper a... Read More »

What is the best brand of watercolor art paints?

On One Hand: Buying Quality Watercolor PaintsThe best watercolors are labeled "artist" or "professional" grade. Artist-grade watercolor paints have stronger pigmentation, leading to bolder and more... Read More »

How does bamboo plywood compare with ordinary plywood?

I work at Dixie Plywood in orlando florida. We are a pretty well known lumber supplier and my boss knows waay way too much about differnt types of wood and the benefits of each. We can special ord... Read More »

The Best Cleaning Compounds for Clear Coat Paints?

Clear coat paint differs from an enamel or one-step paint in that it contains no pigments at all. It's usually not used alone like a varnish, but rather serves as a glossy protective coating over p... Read More »