The Best Paint Combinations?

Answer Painting the exterior of a home comes with many challenges, one of which is choosing a combination of colors. There are many factors to consider when choosing: the location of the home, personal pr... Read More »

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What color combinations go well together?

On One Hand: Similarity Adds CalmnessOne way to determine color coordination is to look at a color wheel. To find two or three colors that go well together, choose a primary color and then add the ... Read More »

What odd food combinations do you like?

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Using these names, can you come up with 5 combinations?

Friedrich AlastairCharles LachlanDesmond RhysTheodore BennettWalter PhilipWesley JudeI know it's six, but I couldn't choose just five. you had great names to pick from

How to Put Together Color Combinations?

Combining colors, whether for a painting, a website or the walls of your home, can be great fun. Most people will capitalize on colors that have always been favorites, and that’s fine. Start with... Read More »