The Best Outdoor Padlocks?

Answer A well-secured property needs to have all its outdoor storage areas locked up properly. However, not all padlocks are created equal, and a good indoor padlock can make a terrible choice for outdoor... Read More »

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How do I open combination padlocks?

Multiple Dial LocksHold the lock with the wheels facing you. Each wheel corresponds to a number or letter on the dial next to it. Spin each wheel until they match with the combination. The combinat... Read More »

Question about locks/padlocks?

You need to loosen the hinges, re-align the door so it doesn't stick.Then, buy a padlock and a Hasp...... with a screwdriver, install the Hasp on the door, and the door-jamb, then use the padlock.

Are TSA-approved padlocks good internationally?

Yes. TSA-approved padlocks are treated like any other padlock on international flights. When you enter the United States, TSA inspectors may open a TSA lock using a skeleton key. If you don't have ... Read More »

How to Change the Combination on Corbin Padlocks?

Corbin padlocks are renowned for innovation and security. Corbin was one of the first companies to begin manufacturing locks out of a solid piece of metal with a separate six-pin tumbler. Corbin co... Read More »