The Best Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention?

Answer Many women experience stretch marks during pregnancy since they form when the skin stretches and grows rapidly. As the skin stretches, it sometimes breaks, causing broken scar tissue that most comm... Read More »

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When to Start Using Stretch Mark Prevention Cream?

Stretch marks are ugly lines of scarring that appear when your skin is stretched or expanded very quickly as with pregnancy, but are not exclusive to pregnant women. They can occur in teenagers dur... Read More »

What Does A Stretch Mark Look Like?

Stretchmarks last a lifetime, and there is no way to remove them. Using good moisturizers and eating a balanced diet can improve and sustain the skins elasticity, helping the body to avoid stretchm... Read More »

I accidently cut my self down there in/on a stretch mark?

then, report this situation to the skin doctor...Good luck!

Stretch Mark Cream for Men?

Stretch marks have long been associated as an issue for women. This is exaggerated by the amazing amount of creams and solutions available on the market specifically targeted toward women. One coul... Read More »