The Best Materials for Insulated Cups?

Answer Many materials are currently used to insulate but when it comes to the Thermos or cup, keeping liquids warm is less important than keeping liquids safe from dangerous contamination. In fact, sever... Read More »

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Where can I buy those tumbler cups that are like insulated and have lids and straws?

They have them at Target for sure! I always see them there.Walmart has them, too. Starbucks does too, but I think they have "starbucks" on them. Sears too, if you have one.

What is the best way to install 12 feet of double insulated stovepipe in a fireplace chimney yourself?

Answer Sorry but your question doesn't really make sense to me. Double insulated stove pipe IS a chimney. If you are LINING an existing masonry chimney these days, you would use a flexible stainl... Read More »

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