The Best Lights for Hydroponics?

Answer Though natural sunlight is the best source of light for your plants, adding specific types of lights to supplement the daylight can greatly benefit your plants. several types of lights can serve th... Read More »

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How to Use Fluorescent Grow Lights for Hydroponics?

Standard fluorescent grow lights are most frequently used to grow leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach, although some modern fluorescents provide the added flexibility to provide adequate p... Read More »

Where are hydroponics used?

AnswerHydroponics provides a controlled environment for the growth of plants thus removing unknown aspects from experiments. Furthermore, hydroponics is more profitable for the farmer since it enha... Read More »

What does hydroponics mean?

Hydroponics is growing plants with no soil. Typically, the plants are suspended in water. Special fertilizers are used to ensure plants this way receive all the essential micro-nutrients they need... Read More »

What is the definition of hydroponics?

Hydroponics refers to growing plants in water without using soil. The water is treated with nutrients that the plant would normally gain through growing in soil.AdvantagesHydroponics does not requ... Read More »