The Best Knee-High Socks?

Answer In its fall 2010 fashion show, Prada made a big splash with chunky knitted knee-high socks worn with kitten heels. No longer the province of schoolgirls, knee-high socks have caught on in a big way... Read More »

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How/What to wear with knee/thigh high socks without coming off slutty?

I wear thigh high socks all the time and they don't have to be slutty (but they do dive a lot of guys wild) Wear them pulled really high so there is just a few inchces between your socks and your s... Read More »

Is it true when girls wear knee high socks, they forgot to shave their legs?

i think they wouldnt forget but not need to unless it gets to big and pokes trough :P

Types of Knee Socks?

Socks have gone through a massive change over the centuries. What started out as animal skins became matted animal fur, and then over the years, they turned to more modern-day materials, such as si... Read More »

How to Make Gloves out of Knee Socks?

These cute little gloves are really comfy! Here's how to make fingerless gloves out of knee socks: