The Best Infant Mirrors for Cars?

Answer The best infant mirrors for cars are those that do not obstruct the driver's view, allowing the driver and baby to arrive safely. It's common for parents or caregivers who are driving to want to mo... Read More »

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When did right side mirrors become common on cars?

Beginning in 1912, manufacturers started putting rear view mirrors in cars as a standard feature for safety purposes. These cars were also typically outfitted with side-view, or wing, mirrors as we... Read More »

Is it legal (& reasonable) to knock wing mirrors off cars parked on double yellow lines when passing them?

LOL :] It is still illegal thoughIf it was legal I would so do that :]

What kind of mirrors are security mirrors made with?

Security mirrors, sometimes referred to as safety mirrors, are created using convex or domed shaped mirrors. The convex shape provides a 160-degree wide viewing angle while the domed mirror can pro... Read More »

Whats the best way to stop your mirrors steaming up in the bathroom?

Rain X that's used for car windows...You can get it at Wal-mart in automotive dept. I have heard that using car wax on mirrors will do the same but I have never used it