The Best Grapevine Fertilizer?

Answer Grapes are successful in home plantings with the right soil, sun and water, and provide harvests for up to 50 years. These plants require some very specific conditions, though, including long, hot ... Read More »

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Why is organic fertilizer better than inorganic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer?

It's better because organic fertilizer contains no chemicals that could / may kill the plant faster than using inorganic that contains man-made things that WILL kill your plants faster Organic fer... Read More »

The Best Fertilizer for Perennials?

Perennial is defined as something that lasts for three or more seasons, as is the case for perennial flowers, which live for three years or more. Quick- and slow-release fertilizers can be used on ... Read More »

The Best Kinds of Fertilizer?

Fertilizers are used to help correct soil imbalances and deficiencies to maintain the necessary overall nutrient levels in the soil. It's the goal of organic gardening to eliminate or reduce the ... Read More »

Which fertilizer works best?

difference between organic and comercal fertalizers