The Best Glues to Attach Inner Soles?

Answer Insoles are the bottom part of the inside of the shoe; they provide cushion and support for the sole of the foot. Sometimes with the wear and tear associated with wearing shoes, these insoles begin... Read More »

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Why do glues and paints dry easily?

AnswerA major component in glues and paints is one called the 'vehicle.' The vehicle is a solvent that evaporates quickly. This facilitates the application of the key components but allows the pigm... Read More »

What are types of glues for car side mirrors?

Answer glues are not used on the side view mirrors they are applied with a high quality double sided tape produced by 3m corp.

Why do i have dry skin on the soles of my feet?

Some people are prone to dry skin on the soles of their feet. If the bottom of your feet and heels are dry, white or itchy, you may suffer from excessively dry skin.Take Care of Your FeetAge, hered... Read More »

Who makes dansko soles?

Dansko shoes, and their recognizable "rocker" soles, are made by Dansko, based in West Grove, Pennsylvania. The shoes are manufactured by Dansko in Italy, China and Brazil. The company has eight sh... Read More »