The Best Gels?

Answer When it comes to hair gels, you now have more options than ever. Styling gels have been formulated for specific hair types such as curly or straight, and come in several strengths for different ho... Read More »

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The Best Self Tanning Gels?

Self-tanning products offer a skin safe, sun kissed glow without the potential for damage caused by sunbathing. While the original tanning products frequently produced an undesirable "orange" tan, ... Read More »

What Are Soak Off Gels?

Soak off gels are a great alternative to the regular manicure. Gel manicures paint on like polish, dry like a laquer underneath UV lamps, and last for up to two weeks --- in some cases even longer.... Read More »

DIY Shower Gels?

Have you ever run out of shower gel and used shampoo instead? Well, if you did, you had the right idea. Shower gels recipes all start from a base of unscented shampoo. They are so inexpensive and e... Read More »

Types of Gels?

Gels or gelators are jelly-like substances that can be soft and weak or strong and hard in composition, while displaying a degree of elasticity. If the surface of a gel is slightly displaced, it wi... Read More »