The Best Gas Efficient Mopeds and Motorcycles?

Answer One area in which the pursuit of more fuel-efficient transportation has become highly popular is that of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles. The largest of motorcycles tend to have higher MPG than mo... Read More »

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The Best Cold Weather Gear for Motorcycles?

Many motorcyclists enjoy the feel of the wind in the hair and fresh air in their faces. When they visit higher altitudes or plan rides in the colder months, they must protect themselves from frigid... Read More »

What is the most efficient&best water conditioner?

On One Hand: Aqua-Pure NFS100According to, the Aqua-Pure NFS100 iron reduction water softener is the best water conditioning system on the market. The NFS100 will soften wa... Read More »

Best place to look for salvaged (preferably theft recovery non collision) motorcycles?

The USPS, post office, has a list of auctions selling everything confiscated from earrings to Yachts, several times a year in every major city, the list is free asnd has an Email option for notices.

What is the best Internet browser to use that is fast and efficient?