The Best Games for Second Graders?

Answer Second-grade students are developing their reading and writing skills as well as working on basic math problems. Second-graders need activities that speak to their grade level and challenge them at... Read More »

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Non-Online Math Games for Second Graders?

Think out of the box when learning math facts with your second grader. Drills, flash cards and reviews are helpful, but math is an all-day, everyday subject. In addition to including your child in ... Read More »

Vocabulary Card Games for Second Graders?

Games are effective and entertaining ways to teach children concepts and subjects, such as vocabulary. By playing the games with flashcards, you can help promote the memorization of the words and t... Read More »

Art Projects for Second Graders?

Art projects for second grade should do more than amuse; they should engage and teach and leave a child with a sense of satisfaction and completion. If we choose projects that are age appropriate w... Read More »

How to Teach Nouns to Second Graders?

Nouns are one of the eight basic parts of speech in the English language. Teachers usually introduce nouns to students in the first grade. In second grade, students learn more about the different t... Read More »