The Best Forensic Psychology Programs?

Answer There is a demand in the workforce for skilled individuals who have a graduate degree in forensic psychology, which includes criminal profiling, crime scene reconstruction and assessing the mindset... Read More »

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The Best Psychology PhD Programs?

Psychology is a popular doctorate degree program because it is an intrinsically exciting major for those who love to study all facets of human or animal behavior. A Ph.D. in psychology enables its ... Read More »

The Best Psychology Masters Programs?

A master's degree in psychology prepares you for a career in education, counseling or research. Most top-tier universities do not offer a terminal or exclusive master's degree in psychology. Instea... Read More »

The Best Clinical Psychology Graduate Programs?

Clinical psychology deals with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. After a diagnosis, clinical psychologists are able to prescribe treatment strategies and medicatio... Read More »

Forensic Psychology & Law?

Many students have taken notice of the expert witness that takes the stand to absolve a wrongful accusation or to confirm a crime took place. Who is that expert and how were they chosen to take the... Read More »