The Best Foods to Feed Yearling Colts?

Answer The yearling year is a critical growth year for young horses. Selecting the feed to give during that year is even more critical: Too much feed or the wrong type can lead to problems such as epiphys... Read More »

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How to Feed Protein Supplements to Yearling Grass Cattle?

Yearling grass cattle, or cows between one and two years of age that are allowed free grazing on grass pasture, often perform better with a protein supplement. These supplements improve the rate of... Read More »

A List of Table Foods to Feed a Dog?

You don't have to sneak food to your dog at the dinner table. Table foods can be the basis of a balanced and nutritious dietary plan that is superior to, and more economical than, most processed d... Read More »

What Foods Should I Not Feed My German Shepherd?

Despite what your German shepherd may want you to believe, he shouldn't eat everything in sight. In fact, many foods are quite harmful to German shepherds. Many are foods that most owners wouldn't ... Read More »

By what age are babies usually able to feed themselves soft finger foods?