The Best Foods to Eat to Grow Hair & Nails?

Answer While proper grooming and beauty products can promote healthy hair and nails, without a healthy diet you might be sabotaging all of that hard work. Since hair and nails, like the rest of your body,... Read More »

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What foods encourage hair growth or how helps hair grow faster?

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How to Grow Healthy Hair and Nails?

To grow healthy hair and nails you may need to change your lifestyle to a more healthy, vitamin-rich one and take the time out to provide them with the care they need. Your hair and nails, as with ... Read More »

What Makes Hair & Nails Grow?

Hair and nails are created through keratinization, a process where protein (keratin) accumulates under the skin's surface in order to produce new hair and nails. Eating certain foods that are nutri... Read More »

What Foods to Eat to Grow Hair?

If you are struggling to grow your hair, you know how hard it is to promote hair growth. What you may not know that there are specific foods that can help you in promoting hair growth. By introduc... Read More »