The Best Fertilizer for Tall Fescue in Missouri?

Answer Tall fescue is a fast-growing grass that is popular in much of the country because of its hardiness. To maintain a healthy, green lawn, you need to fertilize your lawn at various times throughout t... Read More »

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How to Rid Your Lawn of Tall Fescue?

Many homeowners probably don't think about the types of grass in their lawn or garden, until it becomes a problem. For example, tall fescue is a productive grass that grows in clumps, and when used... Read More »

Tall Fescue Varieties?

Grass breeders try to create grass varieties with desirable qualities, like disease resistance, turf quality and drought resistance. Tall fescues now come in many varieties, some of which perform b... Read More »

Tall Fescue Care?

Tall turf-type fescue is a disease- and drought-resistant grass with moderate to coarse blades, medium to dark green color and a deep root system. It tolerates shade and temperature extremes better... Read More »

Types of Tall Fescue?

A popular type of bunch grass, tall fescue grows in early spring and persists into the fall. It has deep roots and lives longer than many other types of grass. It has flat leaves with smooth unders... Read More »