The Best Dry Hair Treatment?

Answer Dry hair comes with many unwanted side effects: frizz, static, breakage, frayed ends and an itchy scalp. To save yourself from the frustration of dry hair, introduce more of one magical ingredient ... Read More »

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The Best Hair Treatment Shampoo?

Depending on your hair type, there are various shampoo formulas that work to remove dirt, oil and products from the hair to leave it soft, shiny and manageable. Conditioners also are important to u... Read More »

The Best Treatment for Damaged Hair?

When hair becomes damaged, it appears frizzy and feels dry and brittle. Even a youthful head of hair can acquire noticeable damage. Chemicals from hair products, styling tools, hair processing and ... Read More »

What's the best hair treatment?

trying different shampoos can make all the difference. but if over the weekend or something when no one sees you if you dont wash your hair at all for a few days the natural oils really help i did ... Read More »

Best Treatment for Ingrown Hair Bumps?

Ingrown hair bumps from hair removal are frustrating and painful. Known as razor bumps or folliculitis, ingrown hairs can be caused by irritation from hair removal when an infection builds in the ... Read More »