The Best Diets for Acne?

Answer Your diet directly affects everything about your body, including your skin. Acne can be caused by many factors, but the proper diet enables your skin to fight flaws by providing it with essential n... Read More »

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How to Cure Acne With Low Glycemic Diets?

After years of debunking the complexion-diet connection, doctors have started to pay heed to the role of nutrition in the development of acne. Recent research suggests that acne can be caused by hi... Read More »

What are the best diets?

I've been using a guide you can find at and it helped me reach my goal weight and get toned pretty easilyYou should check it out :)Good luck!

Does the military allow diets?

The military encourages dieting and good nutrition. This is one of the reasons that military regulation includes minimum and maximum weight for it members by height.

What are some good diets to do?

Diets don't work. Learn about clean eating. It's what fitness models do to stay lean and healthy. You cut out all sweet, fried, processed, junk, and fast foods. Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies... Read More »