The Best Creams to Make Skin Lighter?

Answer People try to make their skin lighter for different reasons. For some, it's to erase unsightly marks like dark age spots or acne scars. For others, it's because they prefer the look of lighter skin... Read More »

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Why do people who invent these "miraculous" skin creams and de-aging creams et.. not use them themselves?

Not all look like you describe. Many are relatively young, attractive models, movie stars, celebrities and the like who are in the business solely because it's so lucrative. They obviously do not u... Read More »

How do I make my skin lighter without using a skin bleach?

stay out of the sun and wear longsleeved clothing

How to Make Skin Creams?

There are many luxurious, fragrant creams on the market today. Women love to use face creams for anti-aging purposes so they can look and feel younger. Skin creams are expensive but worth the mon... Read More »

How to Make Aromatherapy Skin Cleansing Creams?

Aromatherapy can help you to take care of your skin by mixing aromatherapy oils into your own cleansing creams and lotions. You will soon realize how much you can improve your overall appearance an... Read More »