The Best Cover Over Grass Seed?

Answer A beautifully lush green lawn is the goal of many homeowners. After picking the best soil and grass seed that will work the best to reach this goal, do not forget the cover. Grass seed cover not on... Read More »

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How much area will 1 lb. of grass seed cover?

One lb. of cold season grass seed (creeping red fescue, fine fescue or Kentucky bluegrass varieties) will cover about 225 square feet. You'll get about twice the coverage if you're planting warm se... Read More »

What kind of netting do I use to cover grass seed?

The kind of netting used over soil that has just been seeded to grass is called RECP (Rolled Erosion Control Product) or Erosion Control Netting. The netting is made from coconut fiber, so that it ... Read More »

How do I grow grass seed& cover with sheets?

PreparationMeasure off an 8x8-foot section of the yard. Use a garden hoe to break off the top level of the ground of about 2 inches. Make the soil smooth by chopping up any large clumps of ground. ... Read More »

How much grass seed is needed to cover 1000 square yards?

The amount of seed needed to cover 1,000 square yards varies depending on the type of grass you are growing. It is generally 6 to 8 lbs., but it can be as little as 1 lb. if it is Kentucky Bluegra... Read More »