The Best Computer Jobs for the Future?

Answer With technology changing fast, it can be difficult to predict exactly which jobs will be the best ones to have in the future. Many business magazines, news sources and college experts have created ... Read More »

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How to Teach Students for Jobs in the Future?

Many teachers are eager to prepare their students to be productive workers in the future. While teaching students basic academic lessons is the first step in accomplishing this goal, to truly prepa... Read More »

How to Send a Letter to a Principal for Future Jobs?

The principal of a school is responsible for hiring school staff, including teachers, administrative workers and custodial workers. If you'd like to apply for a job at the school, the best person t... Read More »

Future Proof Computer 6 GB ram?

Upgrade your RAM to 8GB and this computer will withstand casual use for probably 3-4 years minimum. It has great potential and isn't half bad the way it is. I'm glad you realize the RAM is a little... Read More »

If a computer has an integrated graphics card, can i update in the future?

yeah you should have a slot/slots on the motherboard to insert a new graphics card.The machine i'm using now has a built in card which I disabled to allow the current upgrade to operate.Be aware th... Read More »