The Best Colors for a Baby's Room?

Answer While black, white and red are the only colors that initially stand out to a newborn and stimulate her brain, she can perceive the entire color spectrum by the time she's 2 to 3 months old. Not onl... Read More »

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What are good colors to decorate you kitchen in and what colors for a bath room?

Do you have a piece of favorite art, or a throw pillow, or even a piece of clothing that has a pattern and you're just drawn to the colors; or you could shop for something you love? Use it to deci... Read More »

What colors should my room be?

turquoise and chocolate are pretty...But I am a HUGE fan of purple, everything I have is purple, purple walls,purple quilt on my bed, purple rug on my hardwood, purple curtains, all the purples are... Read More »

Can you paint a room with 3 colors?

Sure! Do the 3 wals in 1 color the remamining wall in another color...then the ceiling in the 3rd color...that would give her an accent wall. OR...paint each wall a different color

What colors should I paint my room?