The Best Classroom Rewards?

Answer Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States, and teachers, as a result, are taking a closer look at what rewards they offer students in the classroom. Candy, sweet treats, pizza pa... Read More »

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List of Classroom Rewards?

In the classroom, students of all ages can be motivated by the promise of rewards. Once a reward system is set up, it is very important that it remain consistent and fair, with every student in the... Read More »

Classroom Rewards & Consequences?

Classroom rewards and consequences are essential parts of classroom management, especially at the elementary school level. Teachers design a system to keep their classroom under control and running... Read More »

Incentives & Rewards in the Classroom?

If you're an educator, no matter what age your students are, their success is a priority. But in order for that to happen, there has to be the right amount of motivation in the classroom. Providing... Read More »

Healthy Snacks for Rewards in a Classroom?

Rewarding students with healthy snacks can be elevating to their self-esteem in the classroom and motivate students to make nutritional choices in their daily lives. Choosing healthy snacks that ar... Read More »