The Best Cities to Live in When You're Homeless?

Answer Though the vast majority of cities throughout the United States have a low tolerance for homelessness, a handful of cities recognize that homelessness is a problem that is better addressed through ... Read More »

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My friend and her mom might end up homeless on dec 20, where can they live rent free in orange county ca?

Could they stay w/ you? There are far more resources for women w/ children than for men. Look into women's shelters ( a step up from communal shelters), ask your goodwill for resources, or put an... Read More »

The Best Cities & Places to Live?

Deciding on a place to live often depends on family relationships and proximity to work. If you are in the position to choose a new city, however, consider a few factors. Most people will want a pl... Read More »

Do most Americans prefer to live in cities?

Most Americans prefer to live in cities instead of rural areas, according to the 2000 U.S. Census statistics compiled by the Federal Highway Administration. The total U.S. population in the 2000 U.... Read More »

The Best Cities for a Licensed Massage Therapist to Live & Work In?

There are many enticing things about a massage therapy career. You can be your own boss and actively help people feel better, yet live in a variety of locations. Certain cities are better for massa... Read More »