The Best Christmas House Lights?

Answer Choosing the best Christmas house lights may seem like a daunting task when you want to show off your holiday spirit. With so many available, finding the right combination to make your house look f... Read More »

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How to Secure Christmas Lights on a House?

Adding Christmas lights to the outside of the house not only gives others something festive to look at during the holiday season, but also allows you to carry your holiday décor from indoors to th... Read More »

Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights on a House?

During the Christmas season, many people enjoy decorating the exterior of their home with Christmas lights. A brightly lit house at Christmastime can help raise anyone's holiday spirits. There are ... Read More »

Tips for the Removal & Storage of Christmas Lights on a House?

In order to preserve the investment you have in your outdoor Christmas lights, it is necessary to follow tips for the removal and storage of Christmas lights on a house. Christmas lights that are r... Read More »

Can you put up a Christmas tree with lights in a house full of active todllers?

Sure you can. When my kids were young I put up the tree INSIDE a play pen so the kids couldnt get at it. Or get a small tree and put it up somewhere high so they cant reach it.