The Best Car Seats for a Premature Baby?

Answer Premature babies require special attention and care, including when they are being transported. Preemies are prone to several health conditions such as breathing problems, slow heart rates and low ... Read More »

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You just lost a baby premature an your boyfriend wanted to have sex after 2 week is that okalso the baby was premature because of yeast infection i had i do have to wait until i get ride of the infec?

2 weeks is not enough time. after a mother gives birth she is unclean because of all the blood that you lost. if your child was a boy wait until 6 weeks, but if a girl wait until I think 12-18 week... Read More »

Why does 7 months premature baby is safer than 8 months premature baby?

according to our teacher..7months baby undergoing fetal stage has developed it's lungs, as it's lungs is in high function or surfactant than on 8 the baby reaches it's 8 months the funct... Read More »

How premature was the most premature baby?

The youngest surviving baby was 21 weeks, 5 days. As to the youngest to be born, that depends on your definition of "baby".

How old is a premature baby?

a premature baby has no age but can be out of the womb by 7-8 months during pregnancy's