The Best Cables With Martin Logan Speakers?

Answer Martin Logan speakers are among the world's best and most expensive speakers. Martin Logans are electrostatic speakers that adapt best to biamping. With such an expensive product and recommended se... Read More »

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How to Paint My Martin Logan Quest Speakers?

Martin Logan Quest speakers are a brand of speakers that are composed of either plastic or wood. If you'd like to paint your Martin Logan Quest speakers, you must employ a particular preparation st... Read More »

Do you prefer Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL or Definitive Technology BP8060ST?

When properly setup the electrostatic panels can give you great details and accuracy with music.For home theater I like the bipolar effect if you can pull the speakers far enough into the room get ... Read More »

What's the best way to hide the cables for my surround sound speakers?

Personally, I hate the sight of surround sound speakers. While some may like the look of the nice black, shiney cabinets all over the room, I think it adds more to the effect to have the cabinets h... Read More »

I have a mono TV can I get external speakers that I can plug the audio red and white RCA cables into?

yes sir you can. if you have a cable box or satellite reciever, you can hook up a pair of red and white wires directly from the cable box/satellite reciever to an audio stereo receiver, which will ... Read More »