The Best Art Supplies for the 4th Grade Classroom?

Answer In the fourth grade, students will learn a wide range of subjects such as math, science, social studies, spelling and grammar, and history. Along with the basic educational lessons, include art pro... Read More »

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Different Ideas of How to Best Set Up a Third-Grade Classroom?

The way that a classroom is set up can greatly effect how students learn and retain information. If seats and learning materials are arranged in a manner of disarray, students will be more distract... Read More »

The Best Classroom Practices for a Ninth Grade Writing Class?

Use constructive writing practices to get your ninth-grade students ready for class and engaged in the writing process by preparing your goals for the lesson, and how you'd like to implement them i... Read More »

Classroom Supplies for Teachers?

Classroom supplies for teachers are needed more than ever with budget cutbacks throughout the nation, as of early 2011. Although the supplies may differ from grade to grade and subject to subject, ... Read More »

Grade 1 Supplies for Teachers?

When preparing to teach young first graders, you must be armed with the appropriate supplies to successfully complete your lessons. Younger children may need help paying consistent attention to tea... Read More »